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We relieve your pain by treating your whole body, inside and out, without
the need for drugs or surgery

Nicky Snazell Pain Relief, Wellness & Physiotherapy will remain open during the current lockdown, we will continue to observe government recommendations and safety measures for our patients, please call or use the contact form to register your interest or speak with our team - Last updated 06/01/21

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Trusted by 13,000 Clients From All Over The UK And Many From All Over The World
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We believe your treatment needs to start the moment you walk through the door. To achieve this, we lovingly and painstakingly restored a 500 year old Grade II listed building to create a beautiful home like environment. A warm fire, soft colours, comfortable sofa’s, fresh ground coffee and quality biscuits all add that touch to show just how we care about every detail.

All our team will make you feel welcome and safe with the professional and highly efficient treatment you receive.

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What Do We Mean By Inside and Out?

We have treated well over 13,000 clients and as you could imagine, being able to build a solid understanding of the causes of most pain. What we have learnt, over and over again, is that pain in the musculoskeletal structure, the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, is quite often linked or even a direct result of mental and health issues.

For example, we have found that a person’s chronic back pain was directly linked to childhood trauma. By resolving that trauma, the chronic back pain disappeared.

Similarly, we look at each client’s overall health with four key measures of

• Mindset
• Diet & nutrition
• Fitness
• Lifestyle

and the measures are simplified into easily understood red, amber and green traffic lights. Our goal is to move clients to four green keys. Importantly we understand that the treatment provided must be in line with the clients health status. For example, some treatments would be contraindicated at four red keys, but appropriate at a mixture of amber and green keys.

Hence optimised results can only be achieved by treatment inside and out.

How Can We Help You With Our Treatments?


Your Health Matters To Us

Once we have helped you with your immediate pain or injury problem we can partner you on your journey to a longer, healthier and happier life. We can even help prevent your problem from occurring in the future. So if you are looking for Physiotherapists Stafford and surrounding areas, look no further than Nicky Snazell's.